2012 Zinfandel Stonetree Vineyard0591_Angel Vine Bottles 2015

Production: Approximately 100 cases
Release Date: Fall 2015
pH=3.49; alc=15.5%


Grapes were handpicked and delivered to the winery on September 30. The fruit was sorted by hand, de-stemmed, and placed into 1-1/2 ton open-top fermenters.

After a passive two-day day soak and initial spontaneous fermentation, the must was inoculated with Primitivo skins from an ongoing fermentation. The resulting cap was punched down by hand as-needed (at least once daily) until fermentation proceeded to dryness. The wine was in contact with skins for twenty-six days prior to pressing.

Barrel Aging:
The wine was raised in a mixture of oak barrels; one was made of Hungarian sourced wood and the other three were of French origin. Each of the barrels had been used for several previous vintages.