Les Collines Vineyard

Walla Walla Valley AVA

Les Collines vineyard is located in Washington, just southeast of the town of Walla Walla, and is situated on “the foothills” (Les Collines) of the Blue Mountains along the Washington-Oregon border. About 15 million years ago the region experienced cataclysmic volcanic activity that created basalt bedrock from lava flows. Following the retreat of the glaciers 10,000–15,000 years ago, the colossal Missoula floods deposited an unusual mix of soils in the Walla Walla Valley. Known by Native Americans as “many waters,” Walla Walla is located at 46 degrees latitude. The long hot summer days and short cool nights give Walla Walla-grown Zinfandel incredible flavor and distinction. The vineyard is certified as sustainable by the Vinea Trust and LIVE.