Alder Ridge

Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Situated 15 miles west of the small town of Patterson, Washington, Alder Ridge sits atop a series of arid, sparsely vegetated ridges that shoot up nearly 1,000 feet above the great Columbia River below. This hot landscape receives an average of just 5 inches of rain each year, and it’s precisely this climate and the steep south-facing slopes that make Alder Ridge the perfect spot for growing high-quality grapes. The region received Horse Heaven Hills AVA certification in August 2005 and is now one of the most prestigious grape-growing regions in Washington.

Alder Ridge Vineyard Quick Facts:

  • 100% drip irrigation
  • 4–6 inches average annual rainfall
  • 450–1,100 feet in elevation
  • 31 grape varieties planted
  • First planted in 1996–1997